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OMNi-BiOTiC® HETOX light

Package size: 30 sachets

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suitable for those allergic to milk, suitable for diabetics, suitable for and during pregnancy/lactation, suitable for children

  • Diabetiker geeignet
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  • Glutenfrei
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Intestine, liver, and brain - closely connected

For whom is OMNi-BiOTiC® HETOX light suitable for?

Too much (hidden) sugar and food with artificial additives, lots of medications, one or two glasses of alcohol too much after a stressful working day, maybe even the pleasure of a few cigarettes - perhaps none are too bad when considered in isolation, but when combined together they indeed become a problem for our body!

That is because if the intestine "lets through" the toxins and they cannot be completely detoxified in the liver, these harmful substances will then be carried by the bloodstream to the entire organism - even the brain - where they can contribute to the development of chronic complaints.


How is OMNi-BiOTiC® HETOX light taken?

Stir 1 sachet of OMNi-BiOTiC® HETOX light (= 3 g) into 1/8 l of water once a day, wait at least 1 minute for activation, stir again and then drink. Best taken in the morning before breakfast or in the evening just before going to bed.

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